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Blur Mode

The Blur mode is very easy and efficient to make focusing effect. You can also change the blur brush and clear brush size.

Clear Mode

The Clear mode is the simplest way to clear the unwanted blur effects you applied to the important part of the photo.

Bokeh Effect

You can create great bokeh effect by your finger and touch itself! You can save the image to Gallery or share it other social platform.

Image Blur Application offers

You can also adjust the blur intensity as per your taste! Once you have applied bokeh effect as per your need, you can save the image to Gallery or share it to other apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.

  • Blur mode and Clear mode
  • Blur intensity adjustment
  • Blur/Clear size adjustment
  • Save image to gallery or share to other apps
Effective Blur Image Manualy Set Blur Intensity Choose Your Image Easy Theme Options HD Backgrounds

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